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Claudia is a native of Lugano, Switzerland. Both her parents were artists. The father was a sculptor and her mother a painter. Their work is assembled in a museum in southern Switzerland.  

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Claudia started  at a young age with art.  She  began her studies at the Werkkunstshule in Krefeld, Germany . Her teacher, Gerhard Kadow was a pupil of Paul Klee and Kandinsky. At age sixteen she began a three and a half year course at the Textilfachshule in Zurich under the direction of Johannes Itten, former teacher at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany.   Thereafter she started working as a "textile designer" in various Studios and Companies in Switzerland first and then in USA (mainly New York City).  For a time she designed greetings cards for American Greetings Corp. and had several exhibitions of her paintings in Cleveland-Ohio, New York City, Bay Shore- Long Island, Lugano-Switzerland, and Melbourne- Florida.

She lives now in Florida and works in her Beach House Studio. She is fascinated by the ocean waves with their movement and rhythm. The play of the sun, the one of the moon and stars over the water , the appearance of light rays, the circles, the squares, the points of light, the bubbles and yes.... the angels.

These paintings are giving particular messages which are different to each individual.  If you would like to share yours, you are welcome to write here:







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Four panels overlap, 2013





Four panels overlap, 2012




Entering the Fifth








Female Avatar



Planet vision


Moon play



Sun play 1


Sun play 2


Bubbles and waves


angel coming ashore



Ocean angel 


Angel appearing


Angels and bubbles


Angel sending love


Angels play


Vortex angel 


Angel  and bubble


Angels and bubbles






Angel emerging





Angels coming ashore


Blue wave


Sunrise angel




Blue wave with baby angel Michelle


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